The Glass Casting technique is a step back in history, which takes us back to the Egyptian civilization where amulets and small decorative objects were found.

These techniques were reintroduced during the Art Nouveau Period by Genius creators like Renée Lalique ©, Daum ©, Argy Rousseau and many others.

This ancestral process makes it possible to obtain almost any form, created from wax or clay, and is a major asset for all creators who seek to express originality in their creativity.

With the arrival of new technology such as 3D, which has become a large part of a new era of development in today’s Artistic world. This is something we cannot ignore,  almost all the Jewelry Production from Paris, New York to Shanghai including High Ranking Jewelry are manufactured by these processes.

It gives access for people who are not virtuosos (genius), Master modeler or sculptor but someone who would like to express their creative ideas. To Communicate and Demonstrate their artistic visions using visual tools as with 3D Sculpture software.

For those who are confirmed artists it gives the access of constantly evolving their creative Arts

The use of these tools associated with ancestral traditional techniques like the Glass Kiln Casting “Pâte de Verre” Technique is a revolutionary idea for all Creators who wish to work with a noble material like glass.

The Glass Casting process offers colors that carefully inserted in the plaster molds gives color variations that are unique for each model of the same shape with an unmatched feel of touch.

Our Mission :

- Perpetuate the know-how of Glass Casting, “ Pâte de Verre” Technique by bringing our knowledge to creators who wish to make their Creations in Glass Casting.
-Develop a community around this Art.
- Promote our Artists by accompanying them on with our Internet platform